What do you know about your ADHD? There is a wealth of information at your fingertips. Seek help from ADHD coaches who challenge you to be curious about how your day unfolds. What works for you during the day and what keeps you from following through? Dr. Russell Barkley contends the term ADHD is a misnomer as the challenge is not Attention Deficit; rather, it is a question of self-regulation – being aware of excessive Attention/Focus that impacts productivity. He challenges those conflicted by their ADHD to understand the layers of their Executive Function skills.  He suggests adopting self-restraint anchors, like pausing before taking an action, using self-awareness to identify patterns of behavior, self-talk to redirect behavior and using visual imagery to see possibilities.  Try to be Curious George for several days, or Alice in WONDER land. Try to pause in the morning to reflect on your day. What is your roadmap for the day and for the next couple of weeks? Are you pausing during the day to check in with your status of productivity? Interested in receiving more tips? Connect with my link here.

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