When we get caught in a storm, we open our umbrella for protection. Covid 19 is raining down upon us and we must act now to shield ourselves from the elements. For parents of school age children, the continuous sheets of rain can be daunting. The good news is there are a few things you can do to cover yourself and family. 

  1. Preparing like a good scout can make or break your family during Covid chaos. Make sure your umbrella is always with you.
  2. Boundary Setting is an umbrella that offers protection. That means blocking time to meditate, pray, exercise, listen to music, drink a warm cup of tea, or just scream. You might want to get up 45 minutes earlier in the day, so you have “Me” time. You can also schedule personal time during the day to decompress.
  3. Communicating with your family is another way to cover yourself and your family. Post your time-out hours on your refrigerator for everyone to see. Stewardesses tell us to make sure to put on our oxygen mask first. The lesson here is to understand that unless you take care of number one first, you will not be able to protect the rest of your family. Self-care is no joke; in fact, it is critical to surviving. Learn to practice deep breathing and positive self-talk if you do not do that already.
  4. Organizing your home for the coming school year is another way to shield your family from the wrath of these stormy days. Children respond well to structure and they also like to feel respected. Work with them on a plan to set up their study area. Where will school supplies live, where should you set up a table or shelf for their books and computer? Give them the opportunity to design their own in-home school setting.
  5. Planning a schedule for the day will help the family see some semblance of order and what to expect. These designated blocks of time might include waking up, grooming, eating, studying, exercising, playing, cleaning and tv time. Post a colorful chart so the family schedule is highly visible. If you are a hi-tech family, this can be shared on the computer. During these chaotic times, if you feel in control, your children will pick up on that vibe so take advantage of your planning tools.
  6. Prioritizing your needs is also important, especially if you are working parents. Spouses should have a heart to heart with each other, or if you are a single parent, do some self-reflection. What matters most to have a successful day? How much time needs to be allocated to socializing (safe measures in place), studying, working, and exercising?
  7. Delegating responsibility can help you get through stressful times. Assign children clean up and food preparation duties. You do not have to do it all!

Most important, you are not in this alone. Reach out if you need help. These are extraordinary times, requiring a village to help get us through the day. If you need coaching help to figure your plan, contact Captured Clutter at 678-294-7813.