An article in the New York Times serves as a timely article for these August Dog Days (Daze). The lingering heat and humidity are enough to drive even the most highly motivated to just veg out. Shout out to Cameron Walker for outlining some simple but practical ways to get your groove going. If you want to peruse his NYT piece, here is the link:

According to Walker, “Looking forward to a reward isn’t the best for long-term motivation. But several studies suggest that pairing small, immediate rewards to a task improves both motivation and fun.”

For his motivation reward, he decided to find a favorite mug that he only uses while writing and makes a special tea or hot chocolate to sip in front of the computer. How about you? Do you light your favorite candle, get a cup of mojo, sit in a room with lots of daylight, or listen to classical music?

Habit Changing experts such as James Clear often suggest associating a new habit to a regular routine so it will be easier to act on. Whatever works for you, try to think of a soothing routine that will give you comfort as you try to start an action that you keep putting off. It is important however to be cognizant of the critical component to truly getting motivated. What drives you to get going even when you know you will need to recharge your energy reserves?

Mr. Walker reminds us that “Tea can only take you so far…, and Clinical psychologist Richard M. Ryan, one of two scientists who developed a well-known approach to understanding motivation called self-determination theory, encourages those seeking lasting motivation to take a deep dive into their values.”
Basically, we all need to understand our why. When honest about our “relevant” why, motivation can become our driver. Do some deep diving either in your living room or your pool. Understand what you really need and value so you can unleash the hold from your dog daze.

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