Elder Care and Parenting Care Help in MariettaSandwich Generation Blues

At Captured Clutter…organizing therapy, LLC, we understand the stress of taking care of children, your business, and your aging parents. When you feel like the cream between the Oreo cookies, you might think there is no way to manage all the things in your life.

Should you move your elderly parent(s) into Assisted Living? Should you move them into your home? How will you manage that move? Who is responsible for coordinating the caretaking needs for your elderly parents or loved one? Are you bearing the burden in the family or are there siblings to help? Have you volunteered to run the school fundraiser? Are your children still at an age where they need you to be there for afternoon events and to carpool? Are you trying to run a business from your home while managing aging parents, caring for young kids and volunteering for community service projects?

Our time management strategies, coupled with advice from personal experience can help you feel less overwhelmed.

We can teach you how to balance life with less stress by examining the compartments of your life and prioritizing blocks of time to get the job done.

While there are no easy answers, tweaking a few of your tasks might serve you better.

Contact Linda Diamond at 678-294-7813 to see how to get a handle on those generation blues.

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“Linda Diamond is the best in the business on this coast. I have had professional organizers out West, and she is up there with the top in her industry. By sheer fate, I found her and she’s truly dedicated, efficient, organized and sensitive to your personal decluttering, spring cleaning and organizational needs.”
Marty Taffel

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