Has your body impacted your ability to be productive? I decided to interview my colleague and friend Dr. Julie Weisberg, owner of Simply Chiropractic in East Cobb Marietta.  

Dr. Julie says some people are less active because of the COVID-19 boundaries they choose to respect and consequently they are paying less attention to healthy ways to stay in shape. Also, proper ergonomics are not necessarily available to those working from home. This can be another cause for our bodies to get out of shape. When our bodies are not cooperating, our mind gets distracted by aches and pains and when we are not focused, our productivity output goes down.

Dr. Julie adds that Star athletes are having trouble getting back to where they were as they have been filling practice time with snacks and video games. The sedentary lifestyle has weighed in on their physical and mental capacity in a negative way.

While I often post about systemic ways to be more productive, I thought this attention to self-care could be another tool to consider as you plan to be a healthier you this year. A potential cure for these Pandemic blues is to get an adjustment by a Chiropractor. Dr. Julie contends that these adjustments can boost your mood and your immune system. “We heal better if our nervous system is healthy and the body can respond faster to emergency situations. Adjustments impact the health of your nervous system, takes away aches, pains and headaches.” Sounds like a healthy alternative to me, but you have to be comfortable with this choice. The first step is talking to an experienced Chiropractor, like Julie who has been in practice since 1998.