I believe in the power of Natural Resources in Human Beings. That would be you. With all the negative chatter on FB and probably Twitter to which I do not subscribe, I am curious about positive ideas that the average person has to resolve some of our current issues, particularly for the Medical community and other First Responders. When you put your thinking cap on, what light bulbs go off that say, we can help protect our Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, Police by doing________________ on _____________ with ________________.

What are your thoughts? The blame game out there will make us all crazy so I am asking you to reframe the negativity out there and put a positive spin on possibilities. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and let your mind focus on steps you think can be taken. You never know if one of us can come up with a life saving idea that can be implemented now!!!! Go to it.

Email me at linda@capturedclutter.com if you want to contribute to this suggestion box. I will be happy to get your ideas to people who can make a difference.