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How to Hire a Professional Organizer for the Holidays (and Any Other Time of the Year)

I have blogged about how you know you might need a Professional Organizer and the transitions in our lives that might be a catalyst for causing you to get in a state of OVERWHELM. Today I thought it might be helpful to understand HOW TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER. There are several things you want [...]

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5 Tips for Reducing Clutter in Times of Transition

People who go through transitions encounter a variety of emotions due to various circumstances. Often, there is a lot of positive energy with a new baby, new job, graduation from Graduate School, getting married or moving to a new home. Alternatively, there is an entirely different mindset with, serious illness, death, divorce, forced downsizing due [...]

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Storage Busters: Decluttering Your Bathroom with Easy Ideas for Cleaning and Organizing

If the hearth is where the home is, your bathroom is your sanctuary for a little “you” time. That’s why it’s so important to keep your bathroom clutter under control. A tidy bathroom will give you that sense of calm you look for when you are ready to bathe, shower, and dress. Here are some [...]

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Storage Busters: Solutions for Keeping Your Kitchen Clutter Free

Are storage products the answer to all your clutter woes?  Truthfully, no. There is a valid reason (even though you purchase tons of beautiful storage containers) you cannot control the clutter chaos in your kitchen and other rooms. The condition of feeling overwhelmed is created when there is no plan, but we will get to [...]

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