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But, What If??????!!!!!!

Are You Overthinking This or That, or maybe That or This? I recently blogged about Procrastination and posed some questions to help you consider why you procrastinate. This week I want to specifically talk about how Overthinking the What Ifs can dramatically delay your decision-making ability. Does this drama typically play out for you? As [...]

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A Tool For Your Survival Kit

Boundaries are a critical tool for your survival kit. Why boundaries you might ask? I am glad you asked that question. I created a clip discussing the importance of Boundaries for my Captured Clutter Facebook Page. It was my first video to be quite candid; so, if you choose to go find it, remember this [...]

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Natural Resources in Human Beings

I believe in the power of Natural Resources in Human Beings. That would be you. With all the negative chatter on FB and probably Twitter to which I do not subscribe, I am curious about positive ideas that the average person has to resolve some of our current issues, particularly for the Medical community and other First Responders. [...]

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Coronavirus and Your Reframe

Hello out there. It has been a while since I have written a blog. Life happens and both personal health and laziness (let’s call it what is is) kept me from sitting down and sharing my thoughts on Productivity and Organizing. Well I was not totally lazy if truth be told as I enrolled in [...]

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