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Early To Bed, Early To Rise…makes busy people, energetic, efficient and wise!

What is self-care and why is it so important? Managing to find that sacred self-preservation time is easier for some than others, yet when that elusive gift is captured, a layer of debilitating stress is removed. Many overwhelmed businessmen and women find that getting up 15 to 60 minutes earlier each morning allows time to [...]

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To Do or Why to Do

To do, or not to do; that is the question❓; or is it? Maybe the question should be why do, or why not do? When we are honestly able to answer that question, then we have a reason for doing. Once we define our why, we are wiser ???? about acting on our intentions. Try [...]

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Healthy Body = Healthy Productivity

Has your body impacted your ability to be productive? I decided to interview my colleague and friend Dr. Julie Weisberg, owner of Simply Chiropractic in East Cobb Marietta.   Dr. Julie says some people are less active because of the COVID-19 boundaries they choose to respect and consequently they are paying less attention to healthy [...]

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Resilience and Habits 2021

This month I have been focusing on writing about habits in my blog and on my other Social Media postings. Of course, habits are simply lifestyle choices we make that become so routine we do not have to think about them – they just become an extension of our daily and weekly lives. But what [...]

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How Not to Waste Time Reading Blogs

What makes you decide to read a blog post? With time so precious and blogs options so overwhelming, it might be advantageous to be aware of several parameters. As you read the first paragraph, you should experience curiosity, inspiration, motivation, laughter, or at a minimum, the potential for insight to answers you are seeking.  For [...]

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Are verbalizing New Year’s Resolutions just a habit… or can you make a habit of Keeping Your Resolutions?

What habits are you going to verbalize and keep this year? What do you need to stay accountable for making this “The Year”? Have you ever worked with a Coach? A Coach will ask the necessary questions to help you gain awareness of your values and needs. Once you understand what matters most, you can [...]

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The Eye of The Tiger 2021

According to Tigerpedia, "As a spirit animal, the meaning for the tiger is said to be willpower, courage, and personal strength." The Eye of the Tiger refers to this majestic animal’s fiercest strength. It is read to take on anything. Those are qualities that can spring you into action. Coaching can help you understand your [...]

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