Are you adamant about creating New Year’s resolutions? Around this time of year, people are either drawn to declare “New Year, New You”, are fine with creating new habits when it suits their needs, or their school of thought is that they will never commit to a resolution. Who are you and do you want to make a change as we head into 2021?

While it is true we are creatures of habit, eventually most of us do feel propelled to alter the status of our condition at some point in time. One day you might wake up and decide it is time to move on. What is the catalyst for that? Is it the urging of a loved one? Is it news that is happening in your world? Were you inspired by a motivational speaker? Is it a cause that has flamed your passion? Have you set new goals that require reinvention? As dynamic humans, our nature is to assess, evaluate and change within one or more of the following life categories.

  1. Self-Care
  2. Career
  3. Spirituality
  4. Community Service
  5. Family

The real question is why it is important to do something different. What matters most? Why will this step make a difference? How do you go about implementing the path to change? Coaching can help you clarify your whys and your wants. Change can be scary as you try to find a way to make a transformation. If you are curious about how Coaching can help open possibilities, try a complimentary introduction with Captured Clutter.