If the hearth is where the home is, your bathroom is your sanctuary for a little “you” time. That’s why it’s so important to keep your bathroom clutter under control.

A tidy bathroom will give you that sense of calm you look for when you are ready to bathe, shower, and dress. Here are some helpful tips you can use to create a tranquil ambiance and organize the clutter:

Declutter Your Bathroom: Bathroom Storage Ideas

  • Know What You Have in Stock. Contain frequently used makeup items such as brushes, lip liners, mascara, and eye liners in a mug, jar, or glass art deco piece to keep your bathroom sink area happy.
  • Sort the Clutter. Likewise, shallow Lucite or bamboo containers are useful for organizing your makeup products in your cabinet drawers. The beauty is that you can see what you have and know when to replenish out of date and empty products instead of duplicating what you have before you need new items.
  • Easy-to-Reach Cleaning Products. Under the sink tubs or pull out shelves are ideal for cleaning products – and it’s better to have duplicates of cleaning products in your home so you can store in every bathroom. In this case, having multiples saves you time from going bathroom to bathroom to find the cleaning product you need. Easy-to-reach means easy-to-use, which means you’ll be more likely to clean – and everyone is happy.
  • If you don’t use it, lose it. Showers and bathtubs are an accident waiting to happen with soapy bottles and unused products lingering in corners. Buy an inexpensive shower caddy to hang over shower heads or to put in the corner of your tub. You will only have limited room to contain products, forcing you to keep the area free of clutter.
  • Get in the Zone. Use bins to hold first aid supplies, shampoos and soaps, razors, q-tips, and cotton balls. Try not to buy too many at once, so your cabinets are not overstuffed. Always think in terms of ‘zones’ for similar products.
  • The Presentation is Key. Consider attractively placing rolled towels in a basket on the edge of your tub.
  • Make Extra Storage. Corner cabinets are an excellent way to keep extra supplies if you have a small bathroom. A client of mine purchased one through Amazon to store additional items such as tissue boxes, shampoo, deodorant, and soap.
  • Save Space with Towel Racks. Hooks on walls or towel racks are a great investment to keep your towels off the floor.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Depending on your preference, you can hide your laundry basket in your closet or keep it in full view next to your tub or shower. The same principle applies to waste baskets. Personally, I like my trash out of sight, so I keep a small receptacle under the sink.
  • Make Extra Space. For small spaces, there are above-the-toilet shelving concepts that allow you to store necessary items.

Hope you found these suggestions helpful as you try to bring inner peace to your sanctuary. Candles and plants add a nice touch, too!