Lessons from the Dishwasher

Unloading the dishwasher is such a simple gratifying task. Loading is a different story. First, everyone in the family sporadically places a dish, a glass, or a piece of silverware haphazardly in the spaces marked with the built-in dividing nodules. How come no one in my family hardly ever puts their glasses placed securely on the rack? I typically have to go back and put the jig saw puzzle together. It boggles my mind to grasp why it is so challenging to see when a piece of dishware is either comfortable or on the cusp of teeter tottering to its potential demise.

Then I begin to realize that the person who placed this piece in the dishwasher really was not thinking about security of placement – they just want to get brownie points for not leaving the dirty dish hanging in the sink or on the dining table. Maybe that is how some people treat their work until they find out that their job is on the line, or perhaps they just stay in their position because “getting by” is good enough. I mean if the dishes get clean safely without repositioning them, then what does it matter – or does it? 

Is there a better way to arrange your day, your papers, your closets? Do you ever have second thoughts as you shove that glassware into the dishwasher, thinking the poor defenseless glass might not see the light of day? This quarantine time can give you pause to assess if you need to be more conscientious of how you handle your assignments or belongings. This is not to suggest that everyone needs to be a masterful dishwash loader, but when the world as we have known it starts spinning round and round, then it could be a pivotal point for reflection, reinvention, and renewal. What does matter most and are you doing all you can to reflect that importance with your words and actions?

Next time you load your dishwasher, notice if you are just randomly stacking items without a concern for safety or if you specifically want each piece to fit very nicely into the grooves.

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