To do, or not to do; that is the question❓; or is it? Maybe the question should be why do, or why not do? When we are honestly able to answer that question, then we have a reason for doing. Once we define our why, we are wiser ???? about acting on our intentions. Try writing ✍️ a letter ✉️ to yourself about your “idea” and the pros and cons of acting on this notion. Perhaps if we call it an “idea” instead of a goal, then starting to tackle that vision is less intimidating.

Once you have decided the pros outweigh the cons, you are ready to go and there are several strategies you can use to get on your way. For instance, there is The Ivy Lee Method, the GTD method, Time Block calendars and other productive enabling tools. If you need more direction in honoring your why, contact Captured Clutter by phone at 678-294-7813. If you want to start receiving my free Newsletter, click here: