The answer to this question is unique to you. Everyone has different values and needs. In order to be productive, the first step is to be crystal clear about your priorities. Is that clear? (Those of you who are fans of A Few Great Men, get this message).

Productivity is enhanced when we understand what we really value and what we really need, though the road to discovery can be challenging and frustrating at times. Especially when there is so much noise around us, our brain tends to get distracted. Those leaf blowers are maddening, don’t you agree? And that is not the only noise out there.

The question is, how do you shut out the interference and focus on what matters most? Are you able to do this by putting on music, shutting yourself in a closet, talking to your significant other, or could you benefit from engaging the services of a coach? Coaches are trained to create partnerships so overwhelmed people can establish a safe and trusted space to envision possibilities. Studies show it is CLEAR that this relationship can be beneficial for those trying to become more productive. How do you shut out the noise?