“Linda worked with me for about a year during a move and downsizing from a four bedroom home in Marietta, GA to a two bedroom condo in Sarasota Florida. I am a widower, my children live out of state and I had accumulated forty years of personal belongings. My house had not been touched for almost ten years during and after the time that my wife became ill and passed away.

Linda created a Move In Move Out checklist and notebook which we followed
religiously. She also introduced a team of specialists that helped me with
such items as digitizing photos, home improvements and ultimately finding the right agent that could sell my house quickly.

Best of all Linda is systematic, logical and a morale booster.
She helped me get through a very challenging time of my life in the most positive manner. At times we had lots of fun doing it. I give her the highest recommendation.”

Marty Taffel
“Linda Diamond is the best in the business on this coast. I have had professional organizers out West, and she is up there with the top in her industry. By sheer fate, I found her and she’s truly dedicated, efficient, organized and sensitive to your personal decluttering, spring cleaning and organizational needs.

She realizes that there’s often emotional attachments to ‘stuff’, yet guides you on what’s necessary and how to best utilize the space you have. In a way, she’s my ‘stuff’ therapist!

Linda’s also VERY well connected in the Atlanta area, and has terrific references for other needs such as interior decorators, and people to hang pictures which always helps organize one’s home better. Additionally she knows great folks in the audio visual/technology area to help you take care of that cumbersome part of home and apartment modern living.

Linda is always available and never makes you feel as though any question is ridiculous. I truly enjoyed working with her, and hope to one day again soon! I could not have made a move from over 3,500 square feet of space into a small townhouse happen without her. Linda knows what’s necessary also if you’re in a temporary situation, and what to keep storing and works with you on suggestions for purchases of necessary storage equipment, getting you good deals.

She’s fair in pricing and worth every penny!”

Ms. Cory Anne Charles
“I love working with Linda Diamond, and her help has been priceless! Linda has helped me create beautiful, useful, organized spaces in my home, in a span of a few hours, per task. Linda initially helped me reorganize a room that had become the holder of way too many things, due to a renovation. She has an easy style, and a way of simplifying the task, using the space and containers you have, if possible. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone that wants to complete projects in a timely, effective manner, while learning great tips and strategies, which can be used when to approach tasks when Linda is not with you.”
P. Frank
“Mrs. Diamond’s skills as a professional organizer provide me with strategies that even my common sense abilities never thought of. She helps establish and maintain systems, thereby keeping me focused and more efficient. These systems help reduce my feelings of sometimes being torn and unable to provide everything for everyone – brought on by the joys and sorrows of handling the needs of an aging parent, millennium kids, grand baby, friends and community.

One of the best things that Mrs. Diamond provides is the comfort of being able to share confidential information (without judgment), including personal and financial paperwork. She is also able to help me focus and stay on a schedule that helps me feel more confident.
In meeting my needs and the needs of others around me, I highly recommend Linda Diamond for organizing therapy through her company, Captured Clutter…organizing therapy, LLC.

Linda Ames