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Time Management Services in Atlanta | Professional Organizer “I never have any time!” is a frequent grumble that gets thrown around a lot. We always seem to have more tasks to do than there are hours in the day. There must be a better way!

That is why at Captured Clutter…organizing therapy, LLC, we use the tagline “organizing therapy” because our services can be very therapeutic. As a testament, clients describe Captured Clutter strategies as life altering, empowering, and liberating.

When you feel in control of your time and space, your anxiety level is reduced! Would you like to feel less stressed? Our goal is to help you achieve that zen state by helping you to tackle your ‘overwhelming schedule.’

Here are the steps we take to help you gain control of your day.

  1. Review your current weekly activities and tasks
  2. Examine what is working and not working
  3. Plot out a weekly schedule that will enable you to block time zones for categories of activities
  4. Discuss how to effectively counteract time wasters and interruptions
  5. Review the schedule after two weeks and adjust accordingly

Throughout the process, we work with your lifestyle, learning style and personality.

Our experience enables us to be sensitive to the nuances that each individual has when trying to get their tasks accomplished.  We truly believe that when you are in control of the way you manage your day, you will enable yourself to feel more energized and productive.

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“I love working with Linda Diamond, and her help has been priceless! Linda has helped me create beautiful, useful, organized spaces in my home, in a span of a few hours, per task. Linda initially helped me reorganize a room that had become the holder of way too many things, due to a renovation. She has an easy style, and a way of simplifying the task, using the space and containers you have, if possible. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone that wants to complete projects in a timely, effective manner, while learning great tips and strategies, which can be used when to approach tasks when Linda is not with you.”
P. Frank

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