Look Before You Leap

When the Olympics come around, many of us are glued to our television screens in anticipation of being in the presence of greatness and we are never disappointed. Win or lose, we see the determination, passion and energy of athletes from all walks of life. We hear their compelling life stories and find our own energy recharged to go out and find a way to improve our personal endeavors.

The elite athletes remind us that the human story is really the heart and soul of what drives us every day. We all need to take stock of what we value and what we need. When we understand what counts most and how we serve ourselves best, our productivity accelerates because we free ourselves of the should haves, could haves and what ifs – allowing us to experience authenticity to our wellbeing.

Simone Biles did the world a favor with her brave act of withdrawal from competitions. She knew her limitations and she vocalized a need to pause, regroup and recharge so she could be in control of her destiny. The life lesson learned is that the important “pause” in our lives allows us to succeed, not fail. It is a moment in time where we are one with our intuition letting us know it is time to go for the “Gold” or time to put the breaks on our efforts. Listening to our inner voice is really important in a culture of immediate gratification. So often, we act like Leap Frogs, bouncing from one spot to the next just to react to an inner or outer request. This can be exhausting.

Before you leap into your day, take time in the morning to just pause for a few minutes to reflect on what is on your To Do list. Visualize how your actions will unfold. Adjust your plan, if necessary, when that inner voice tells you this might not work for today’s agenda. Or if that instinct tells you this is the day to make things happen, down your coffee, put your best foot forward and use your power to complete the critical tasks.

Many Productivity Coaches are advocates of understanding your values and needs so when you do take that pause, you are in the driver’s seat. Clearly Simone Biles knows what she values and needs in order to achieve her goals. Do you look before you leap?

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