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How Not to Waste Time Reading Blogs

What makes you decide to read a blog post? With time so precious and blogs options so overwhelming, it might be advantageous to be aware of several parameters. As you read the first paragraph, you should experience curiosity, inspiration, motivation, laughter, or at a minimum, the potential for insight to answers you are seeking.  For [...]

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The Eye of The Tiger 2021

According to Tigerpedia, "As a spirit animal, the meaning for the tiger is said to be willpower, courage, and personal strength." The Eye of the Tiger refers to this majestic animal’s fiercest strength. It is read to take on anything. Those are qualities that can spring you into action. Coaching can help you understand your [...]

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You’ve Got Email!

Email Etiquette and Efficiency Tips No matter who we are, we all have a common enemy – Email. As Steve on Blue’s Clues reminds us, “You’ve Got Mail”. These days, we are more likely to receive Email than snail mail as our main source of communication. In order to be responsible Email citizens, it is [...]

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Boundary Setting – A Tool for a Healthier You

The current Pandemic and Protest have given us a window of opportunity to reflect on how we can reinvent ourselves and our society. When Productivity Coaches are asked to open our toolboxes so clients understand how their well-being can be more balanced and sustainable, one of the first tools we examine is Boundary Setting. The [...]

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