Are there times when you walk into your home or office and you get a sinking feeling that makes you want to turn around and walk right back out the door? Do those piles of papers or belongings cause you to do the big deep sigh thing, followed by a gasping sound of exasperation?

Some of us can take that deep breath and constructively figure out a plan of attack. Others simply cannot imagine how they are going to approach their clutter woes. When panic, anxiety or mere frustration set in, this could be a good time for the organizationally challenged to research Professional Organizers.

Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

  1. Accountability! Some people just need to have a person who holds them to the task of doing what they know they need to do. So paying a professional can keep you on task in a timely manner. Oftentimes, I will give my clients homework so they have stake in the game and know that, just as their kids have to get school homework done, they too, must tackle their assignments to reinforce what they learn when I am present.
  2. Keeping It Strategically Simple! Kiss your stress away with a filing system that is planned out ahead of time. I have said this before. Keeping systems simple and well thought out will serve you well as you try to clear the clutter. Paid professionals come to the table with a template for helping you think through steps in a seamless manner.
  3. Planning the Attack. Professional Organizers (PO) are trained to help you think through the goals and tasks for your end game. As a PO, I help my clients think strategically – what is the source of the frustration, what is not working now, and specifically why, why and why? Then, how are we going to resolve the problem? What are your goals and what tasks are needed to accomplish those goals?
  4. Providing Resources. Sometimes, it is easy to get stuck because you are not able to move forward due to lack of a skill set. You might need additional help in understanding how to do things. Organizers come with a tool box of ideas, sort of like Mary Poppins with her magic bag. We just continue to help clients find solutions to their stumbling blocks.
  5. Focus, Focus, Focus. Some of us are put on this earth with wiring that keeps us laser sharp as we set out to do our task. Most of us fall somewhere between completely focused to mildly distracted to can’t sit down for more than 5 minutes. There are medications to help those with issues such as ADHD. People who have a hard time doing tasks on their own due to focusing issues can also really benefit from the gifts a Professional Organizer brings to the room, whether it is just the presence of another person or real strategies for setting up reminders, labels, and systems.
  6. Integrity. Professional Organizers who are members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) are bound by a serious Code of Ethics. You can take comfort in knowing this person values their profession and the services they provide. NAPO also provides ongoing education, so their members are up to speed on the current industry trends and tactics.
  7. Sensitivity. A true PO will try to reassure you from the moment they speak with you on the phone. We are typically dealing with people going through transitions, such as a new job, illness, loss of a loved one, divorce or new moms. Our business is to be sensitive to the reason you need a Professional helping you with your stress piles. Rest assured, we have seen and heard it all. No judgments are made and we bring support and encouragement to help you move forward.

So when is it time to hire an Organizer and when you are ready to get On Task, On Track and On Time (my tag line), I hope you will consider contacting me at Captured Clutter, or call 678-294-7813.

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