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Decision Making Made Easier

Many people get stuck in overwhelm deciding what to decide. Do you find yourself getting anxious simply because you cannot make choices? If so, what is your hiccup? The following suggestions can help you be the architect for your decision-making framework as you try to determine the best choice. No. 1. Write down all components [...]

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Reframing for a More Productive You

Are You Over-thinking Reaching the Finish Line Before Starting the Race? The Coronavirus has created uncertainty for many of my clients. What will the next 6 to 12 months bring? Today’s blog will address some ways to productively consider moving forward despite the dark side of this pandemic. Instead of focusing on completing the race [...]

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But, What If??????!!!!!!

Are You Overthinking This or That, or maybe That or This? I recently blogged about Procrastination and posed some questions to help you consider why you procrastinate. This week I want to specifically talk about how Overthinking the What Ifs can dramatically delay your decision-making ability. Does this drama typically play out for you? As [...]

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A Tool For Your Survival Kit

Boundaries are a critical tool for your survival kit. Why boundaries you might ask? I am glad you asked that question. I created a clip discussing the importance of Boundaries for my Captured Clutter Facebook Page. It was my first video to be quite candid; so, if you choose to go find it, remember this [...]

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Natural Resources in Human Beings

I believe in the power of Natural Resources in Human Beings. That would be you. With all the negative chatter on FB and probably Twitter to which I do not subscribe, I am curious about positive ideas that the average person has to resolve some of our current issues, particularly for the Medical community and other First Responders. [...]

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