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Are verbalizing New Year’s Resolutions just a habit… or can you make a habit of Keeping Your Resolutions?

What habits are you going to verbalize and keep this year? What do you need to stay accountable for making this “The Year”? Have you ever worked with a Coach? A Coach will ask the necessary questions to help you gain awareness of your values and needs. Once you understand what matters most, you can [...]

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Self Care & Love

Between the Elections and the seemingly eternal Pandemic, your mind and body probably feel like they need a permanent vacation from reality. Since that is highly unlikely, if you are accountable for the health and welfare of others, you need to go to Plan B. What does that entail? How are you keeping your head [...]

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What’s Your Story?

When you were in college or high school and had to write a paper about a specific subject, what was the first thing you had to do? I would just start writing about anything and everything. I would not say anything and get a failing grade. I would identify a topic on the subject matter. [...]

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Are you Over Organizing?

 7 Prioritizing Hacks Do you still feel overwhelmed after organizing your files and drawers over and over again? It could be that you are over organized. Wait. What? Is that possible? Yes indeed. Over organizing can be an excuse not to do work. Think procrastination. If you find yourself constantly reorganizing papers or belongings but [...]

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